VERO ITALIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD announces that on September 20  at 11:00 am there will be our livestreaming on Alibaba.

After the first edition of the livestreaming held on June 2022, on 20th September we are going to present our pasta cooked as Italians generally do, thanks to the participation of our Export Coordinator Marika and our chef Lorella.

It will be an interesting day as we will cook pasta together and talk about the story of VERO Italian Traditional Food’s birth.

Around one year ago VERO ITALIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD entered the Alibaba world promoting and selling its PASTA and PRESERVED IN OIL VEGETABLES with the idea of let everybody know about our high-quality artisan pasta without any chemical addition made with Appulo Lucano wheat.

During the livestreaming, our chef Lorella will cook a special dish of her region, Sicily made with Pasta VERO, preserved in oil broccoli and anchovies and we will explain 3 things not to do with pasta:

  1.  Use the pasta as a side dish. Pasta is not a side dish, pasta is not used to dry sauces in buffet dishes, to accompany a mixture of vegetables. Pasta is the absolute, sovereign protagonist!
  2.  Put the salt on the drained pasta. The salt has to be put in the water and on sauces, not when the pasta has been drained.
  3.  Throw the dough on the wall to see if it is well cooked. It is a game that we also have in Italy: it is called darts. As the name suggests, it is done with darts. To understand if the pasta is cooked, this is not the good solution. Better if you call a random person and say: “Giovanna, feel if the pasta is cooked”; Giovanna, after a sighing pause, will inevitably say: “Another minute”, but don’t try to throw it on the wall.

Moreover, during our live show, we will explain how the products are pronounced correctly, example Linguine not Linguini, how to boil the water before putting the pasta, the right amoun of salt to add and the correct time for the pasta.

We are waiting for you on Tuesday 20 September live on Alibaba at the following link:

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