Thanks to the support of VERO USA, the Tenuta dei Mori company had the opportunity to enter the US market.

With its Cumulus, Auto Cumulus and Stratus, the company managed to attract the attention of Spec’s at Taste of Italy in March 2022, earning a place in one of the main food & beverage chains store in the USA.

But let’s talk about this fantastic family business company!

The Vicaroni family preserves, in the Tenuta dei Mori, the memory of an entire peasant civilization, now forgotten with the arrival of new technologies.

The original family lived in the Casale del Grello located in the heart of their land bordered by wonderful mulberry trees, which in ancient times represented a unique resource, unfortunately, now forgotten. But despite this, this family is preserving these wonderful trees to this day.

Now the Casale del Grello and the wonderful estate that surrounds it have been transformed into the Tenuta dei Mori, a luxury tourist-accommodation facility that welcomes guests from all over the world.

What can be admired today is a harmonious mix of breathtaking scenery of the Umbrian countryside and a balance of ancient and modern styles.

With its excellent wines, Tenuta dei Mori is now available on the shelves of Spec’s stores in Texas, with the aim of sharing the Italian style with Americans and conveying the idea that high quality food and wine is within everyone’s reach.

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