Italian Traditional Food Lovers

We give value to the Traditional Italian Agricultural Products

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Italian Traditional Food Lovers

We give value to the Traditional Italian Agricultural Products

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  • VERO promuove, certifica e distribuisce i tuoi prodotti;
  • VERO può certificare i tuoi PAT, aiutarti nell’internazionalizzazione, nella distribuzione e nella promozione dei prodotti della tua azienda.

VERO was born as an innovative startup and is now a consolidated international reality based on a series of specialized divisions with the aim of supporting and enhancing the best traditional agri-food productions (PAT) through a multi-channel distribution system aimed at both sector operators and to the final consumer, in a direct relationship and without intermediaries.

VERO Italian Traditional Food has the main objective of bringing the TRADITIONAL agri-food products of the Bel Paese on national and international markets, where biodiversity, quality of ingredients and raw materials and agri-food specificity are an added value.

our mission


We have set ourselves a goal: to bring together the tradition of the territory, the quality of the manufacturing processes and the quality of the ingredients used with the global market, retail distribution and digital marketplaces.

We have decided to support the “Artisan Know-how”, the short supply chains, our history and local food and wine culture – very “local” – and we have decided to make known the stories of our territories, of the farmers and winemakers who love their land beyond everything.

We have decided to rediscover the traditions of our peasant cuisine, made of purple aubergines or wild thistles, alpine pastures and sunny vines, ancient flavors and childhood scents

We have decided to be VERO, and to select and tell the HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN productions THROUGH the people who produce it and pass it on to the consumer, who is increasingly attentive to food health, respect and rediscovery of the workings of ancient “popular” traditions .

VERO Italian Traditional Food is therefore a showcase, overlooking the world, available to all companies and production realities that are the soul of Italian food culture and history.

VERO Italian Traditional Food is the first Food-Commerce platform for traditional Italian products that systemizes ALL the sales and promotion channels of Made in Italy agri-food sector.


VERO was born from the idea of ​​promoting and marketing products recognized as P.A.T. – Traditional Agri-food Products, a brand that enhances traditional products in which agricultural or livestock products were processed according to ancient recipes.

The requirement to be recognized as Traditional Agri-food Products (PAT) by MiPAAF – Ministry of Agricultural, Forest Food and Tourism Policies – is to be “obtained with processing, conservation and aging methods consolidated over time, homogeneous for the entire territory concerned, according to traditional rules, for a period of not less than twenty-five years “

But it is the ministry itself that recognizes that these “niche products”, of limited production in quantitative terms and relating to very limited territorial areas, such as not to justify a DOP or IGP are confused with DOP and IGP products.

This led to the creation of a common “book” at national level which represents the subdivision by category: “dairy products, meat products, fruit and vegetables and cereals, baked and confectionery products, alcoholic beverages, spirits” .

The list cannot include products with the DOP, IGP o STG marks.

This is where VERO Italian Traditional Food was born in order to guarantee the TRADITIONAL food products of our beautiful country.


VERO is part of the exclusive selection of the ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in TEXAS, so we have support for the export of Italian excellent products to America.


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