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Eramo truffles

The Land of Ciociaria, located in central Italy between mountains and centuries-old woods, on the border with the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, is rich in history and traditions; and it is in this scenario that our story begins. Our family benefits from the experience of three generations of gatherers of the famous tuber; back in 1970 grandfather Benedetto explored the Ciociaria mountains and woods in search of different types of truffles. In 1980 the art of the trade was handed down by our father Eramo Secondino, up to 2007, when the latter together with his children set up a company for the conservation, transformation and marketing of truffles. We work with passion and dedication to the innovation of the traditional approach to the world of truffles, thus creating a current brand but firmly anchored to the roots of a family of truffle hunters who never get tired of daring and experimenting.Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment that allow us to work the truffle. Starting from a careful selection of the raw material up to delivery, we follow the entire production chain in first person to ensure maximum control of compliance with the regulations on quality and food safety.Our range of products is strictly artisanal and natural, elements essential for a refined and healthy eating. Furthermore, our products have immediately found a response in the high gastronomy environments in Italy and abroad.

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